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Happy to Announce that I have received the "Best of Bellport" Award for 2018! This is truly a Great honor! I appreciate the recognition and look forward to continuing to provide exemplary service to the Bellport Community! Thank You!


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Rated "Best Massage on LI"

by NY Mom's World

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD or Lymphatic Massage)

What is it? 

Created by Dr. Emil Vodder, Ph,D., MT.  It is a gentle stretching of the skin that has an effect on the lymph vessels.  There is pressure phase that promotes fluid movement and relaxation phase causing a vacuum which leads to lymph vessels refilling. 


MLD can help with:

Post Traumatic /Post surgical edema for Elective:  Liposuction (usually accompanied by Ultrasound Therapy; which reduces Pain, Swelling, and formation of Scar Tissue), BBL, Abdominoplasty and Necessary surgical procedures/ Sprain Strain., 


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,

Rheumatoid arthritis,

Fibrocystic Breast Disease,


Migraine /Sinus headaches,


Pain control,

Enhanced Immune Function,



and General Relaxation/Detoxification