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Altair's Sparkle Permanent Makeup

Working with scar/surgery patients it, was only natural to start incorporating Permanent Makeup into my practice. I located the BEST School for Permanent Makeup In NY, The only State Accredited School available to receive the proper Certifications to practice. The Long Island Nail, Skin, & Hair Institute in Levittown. As a Graduate I received Training in Eyebrow Microblading, Eye Liner, and Lip Liner/Shading Techniques and am a “Certified Body Artist”.


          Permanent Makeup is in vogue. It is a Fashionable cosmetic Procedure that is highly sought-after. NY State is in the process of developing statewide guidelines on Permanent makeup, but until then the counties have jurisdiction. This means the qualifications to be a Permanent Makeup artist Vary by location. As I am located within Suffolk County I had to provide more in order to begin practicing. Article 14 of the Suffolk County Code currently governs this Body Art. I have taken the necessary Suffolk County Body Artist training and hold a “Body Art Certificate”. 


           It is necessary to maintain proper sanitary conditions and always implement Universal Precautions for everyone’s safety and well being. All tools are sealed in sanitary hospital grade packaging and are disposable. My office has been thoroughly inspected by Suffolk County Health Department and has been approved for Permanent Makeup/Tattooing Procedures and has been issued the proper permits.


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