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Chakra Balancing-Energy Chelation Workshop-Open to All (18+)

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"By Appointment Only"
 1082 W Main Street

Riverhead NY

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The Session will begin with A Luxurious Aromatherapy Bubble Foot Bath using Botanical Essential Oils (You choose the Scent).

During this time, there is also a Massage of Both Hands implementing Hand Reflexology.  Afterwards, your feet are dried and the next part of the session can commence.  The Foot Reflexology...

Each of your Feet with receive Foot Reflexology. I was trained in this art over 22 years ago (Ingham Method) by Dwight Byers. There are Areas and Zones on your feet that correspond to each and every place of your body (ex: head or low back). In fact, there are specific parts of your foot that are connected to every organ in your body (ex: Lungs or Intestines). By massaging the feet these Zones that pass through the body will be affected, systemically, and therapeutically not just locally (the feet). The feet will feel better and the process is relaxing. Overall, it affects the entire body, Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally. Feeling Good Inside and Out! It really is quite Magical...