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altHappy to Announce that I have received the

"Best of Bellport" Award for 2018! 

This is truly a Great honor! 

I appreciate the recognition and look forward

to continuing to provide exemplary service to

the Bellport Community! 

Thank You!

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Hours:  Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm (By Appointment)

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Rated "Best Massage on LI" by NY Mom's World

Types of Massage Offered


Swedish Massage-


For Total physical & spiritual relaxation:  Swedish Massage is a techinque that focuses on the muscles of the body to improve circulation, heal sports injuries, and reduce stress.  It is an excellent way to remove toxins from the tissues of the body.  With this technique, oil is used to ensure smooth gliding over the surface of the skin.

Deep Tissue-

A Type of massage aimed at the deeper tissue structures of the muscle and fascia, also called connective tissue.  Deep tissue massage uses many of the same movements and techniques as Swedish massage, but the pressure will generally be more intense.

Stone Massage-

Stone massage...The volcanic stones are heated and placed on or under certain areas of the body to produce therapeutic effects.  The stones are futher utilized to massage the body creating an even more healing result.

AMMA Therapy-

Get that energy moving with an AMMA Therapy session:  This Oriental massage is a techique developed in Korea based on traditional Chinese Medicine.  Like acupuncture, oriental massage moves the energy within the body...using the strength and sensitivity of the hands, instead of needles.  This therapy is useful in both prevention and treatment of disease.

Oncology Massage 

Graduate of Tracy Walton's Oncology Massage Therapy Intensive Course.  Skillfully trained in Massage for those who are suffering with Cancer.  Also, for people that have had Cancer in the past.  It is important that these people receive a nurturing massage that is both efficient and safe.  Special consideration is necessary when working with this population.  It is vital that the massage therapy administered be adjusted regarding pressure, depth, stroke (technique), and direction of stroke.