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Chakra Balancing-Energy Chelation

Energy Chelation-Chakra Balancing

Energy Chelation Therapy, a process of transmitting or channeling energy, is based on the electromagnetic nature of the human body.  The body’s electromagnetic or auric field is generated by the spinning of the chakras.  As it spins, each chakra produces its own electromagnetic field.  This field then combines with fields generated by other chakras in the body to produce the auric field.

In Energy Chelation Therapy the therapist acts as a channel to transfer various frequencies of energy to the client for the purpose of Balancing chakras, thereby stabilizing the electromagnetic field reducing disharmony in the body.  The Chakras have associated colors and sounds.  We stimulate all of these to promote health and create an intense feeling of wellbeing.

During this treatment we play Chakra-Toned Music and lay colored gemstones on each Chakra. We begin to check the Chakras with a Pendulum by holding it over each vortex of energy (a chakra) to see just how fast and formed the circle is.  The Energy Chelation will commence.  The Energy of the Earth is Pulled Up through the feet filling the Therapist's body with Energy.  This Energy then flows out of the Therapist's hands and the Recipient of the Therapy will be filled up with this Energy.  At the completion of the Energy Chelation the stones are removed and the Chakras are examined with the Pendulum to determine the improvements to the spin and velocity.

It is possible to have Energy Chelation Therapy alone or in combination with a Swedish Massage or Foot Reflexology.